-- Brothers Back-to-Back: Two Days / Two Births --


March 25, 2010 – - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo saw the birth of two giraffe calves on consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 23 and 24, 2010. These are two of the three anticipated births this spring from the Zoo’s renowned giraffe herd. The two young giraffes, both male calves, have been witnessed by animal staff members nursing from their mothers and both are in good health from visual inspection. A neo-natal exam from the Zoo’s veterinary staff is scheduled for 10:00 am on Friday morning. Media are invited to attend the neo-natal exam.

The neo-natal examination includes a physical exam to look for any birth defects, verify gender, weigh the calf, check vital signs, sterilize the umbilicus and provide a tetanus vaccination. The exam also includes micro-chipping the young giraffe and taking blood samples. These blood samples are essential as they are the prime indicator that the newborn giraffe has received colostrum, essential antibodies from its mother’s milk. These antibodies are needed to build the baby giraffe’s immune system.

The March 23 arrival was born to Muziki (moo-Zee-kee) an eleven-year-old female, while the mother of the March 24 birth is eight-year-old Uzuri (you-ZER-ee). This is Muziki’s third birth and Uzuri’s second at the mountain Zoo. Both of the giraffe calves were sired by the Zoo’s bull giraffe, Mawimbi (ma-WIM-bee).