-- Community Help Now More Important than Ever! --

-- Zoo Establishes OTTER HOTLINE / 648-7348! --


March 27, 2010 – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s search for the missing North American river otter has now spread beyond the Broadmoor Golf Course area. The Zoo wants residents to know that your help is now needed more than ever with reports of otter sightings. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has now established a 24-hour OTTER HOTLINE, where the community can register sightings with the Zoo. If anyone spots the otter or observes evidence that the otter has been in your area, the Zoo asks that you do not approach the animal, but call the OTTER HOTLINE number at 648-7348 to make your report. Time of day and direction the otter was traveling in and/or type of evidence left behind is of importance in making the report to the Zoo. If the reporting person is able to take still photos or video of the otter, that will definitely help in the search.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants to assure the community that their pets and family members are safe if they do not provoke or corner the animal, but koi or other ornamental fish in decorative ponds are at risk. North American river otters are indigenous to Colorado, so the current spring weather in the area should be of no concern to the 25-pound aquatic mammal.

Zoo staff members have again today been combing the area adjacent to the Zoo, searching for the river otter, described as nearly four feet long, from nose to tip of tail, dark brown in color with a nearly white muzzle. The Zoo asks everyone in the area to check their ponds and water features on their property for evidence of the otter, especially if the ponds hold fish. This evidence includes dead fish, fish remains and tracks from the otter.

At this point in the search it is of utmost importance that the community assist in the search for the lost otter.

Again, the Zoo’s OTTER HOTLINE number is 648-7348.