--  OTTER WATCH 2010: Day 7--

--  OTTER HOTLINE / 648-7348  --

March 31, 2010 –  It was a slow day for the OTTER HOTLINE at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as the search for the missing North American river otter, Kitchi, continued Wednesday. The Zoo followed up on just a few tips phoned in to the Otter Hotline. None of Wednesday’s tips led to the missing otter, but the Zoo wants to thanks those reporting for their efforts.

Now that the weather is warming, there are more people out walking and biking trails, and recreating by lakes and streams. The chances of seeing Kitchi should increase as the community gets outside more in the coming weeks.

If anyone spots the otter or observes evidence that the otter has been in your area, the Zoo asks that you do not approach the animal, but call the OTTER HOTLINE number at 648-7348 to make your report. Time of day and direction the otter was traveling in and/or type of evidence left behind is of importance in making the report to the Zoo. It is also requested that the reporting person take still photos or video of the otter, that will definitely help in the search. Images taken with cell phones are acceptable, as are photos taken with more high-end equipment.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants to assure the community that their pets and family members are safe if they do not provoke or corner the animal, but fish in water features, ponds and lakes are at risk.

At this point in the search it is of utmost importance that the community assist in the search for the lost otter.

Again, the Zoo’s OTTER HOTLINE number is 648-7348.