-- Visits Scheduled for Prime Orangutan Habitats --

May 24, 2010 – Three members of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff left this weekend for a three-week visit to Borneo and Sumatra, the remaining spots on the planet to find wild orangutans. CMZoo Vice President Tracey Gazibara, Animal Care Manager Dina Bredahl and Primate Keeper Mandy Hollingsworth will be making this important fact-finding journey to learn more about the major threats affecting orangutans and their wild habitat.

Through their research, the objectives of their trip include finding out the “ground truth” on the Palm Oil Crisis in Borneo and Sumatra near areas with known orangutan populations. They will also research possible solutions to the major threats facing orangutans. They will strive to understand how the Palm Oil Crisis is affecting the indigenous people of the regions and look for ways to assist them. Finally, the three Zoo representatives will work at building a media library of the sights and sounds of the areas to help with the Zoo’s on-going Palm Oil awareness campaign.

This research will be wide-ranging and include one-on-one interviews and visits with conservationists, palm plantation and mill managers, orangutan experts and others working in the rainforests of these resource-rich regions.

While Gazibara, Bredahl and Hollingsworth travel from locale to locale, they will be sending communiqués back to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo through emails, blog entries, video, still photography and other social media formats as time and location permit. The Zoo encourages everyone to check in with the Zoo’s social media outlets to learn the most up-to-the-minute news on this ground-breaking trip. And everyone is encouraged to post comments back to the Zoo and to the three world travelers while they journey. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will also release pertinent news in media release form to share with media. Any questions about the trip should be directed to CMZoo Marketing Director Jean Gordon at 719-633-9925  ext. 114 or

For more information about the Palm oil crisis, wild orangutans and the regions of Borneo and Sumatra to be visited, link to this section of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s website: