-- Canada lynx kittens born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have made their public debut--

August 19, 2013, Colorado Springs, CO –
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s three curious, climbing and oh-so-cute lynx kittens have been spotted exploring their public exhibit.

Born on May 8, 2013, the two males and one female have been in an off-exhibit outdoor habitat until they were big enough to maneuver the larger public exhibit space. The Zoo invites guests to view the growing kittens and their parents – mother, Magina (mah-jee’-nah), and father, Kajika (kah-jee’-kah) in Rocky Mountain Wild.

The three lynx kittens are the first Canada lynx born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Often mistaken for bobcats, lynx are classified by Colorado Parks and Wildlife as federally threatened and a Colorado state special concern. The Zoo’s lynx were paired together following a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan. The birth of the three lynx is truly exciting, but the story of father meeting the kittens is extremely rare and unique.

Normally solitary in the wild, the Zoo’s Canada lynx have preferred to live together since 2007, a very rare situation in and of its self, but the Zoo is also one of the first zoos in the United States to attempt to introduce a father lynx to mom and kittens, according to the AZA lynx management group.

During Magina’s labor and birthing, Kajika was given access to her, but shortly after the birth, he was separated from the family to ensure the safety of the kittens. In recent weeks, the Zoo has been working on slowly introducing the kittens to their father, first though a barrier and now without. If introductions continue to be positive, the entire family of five will soon be viewable in the main exhibit. Until then, mom and kittens have been given access to the larger public exhibit on their own.

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