Penguin Art

Painting Penguin Picassos.

Purchasing penguin art helps penguin conservation.

Painting sessions with African penguins began at CMZoo in 2010 when we thought it could be a fun and unique way to raise awareness about penguin conservation. CMZoo's Quarters for Conservation program supports a project that helps raise and protect wild African penguins, and every time a painting is purchased 50% of the proceeds go to penguin conservation through SANCCOB. In the beginning, we tried several techniques while trying to perfect the painting session, and finally landed on the preferred method, which is:

  1. Paint colors are chosen by the animal care staff and spread out on plastic trays.
  2. Paper is then laid down on the ground around the trays.
  3. The penguins then walk through the trays and onto the paper, creating unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Unique Benefits of Penguin Art

  • Painting enriches the penguins’ lives and stimulates their minds.
  • This is a unique opportunity for the penguins that live at CMZ to help their wild counterparts. Every time a painting is purchased, 50% of the proceeds go to penguin conservation.
  • Learn more about penguin conservation and SANCCOB.

Penguin Artists Profiles

Zoo trainers work with the penguins on a daily basis and are continuously building relationships with each individual. Each member of our flock has a unique personality and different behaviors. Some penguins prefer to walk in circles around their trainer, others walk in straight lines from their nesting area to their enrichment. Through positive reinforcement and offering choices, we are able to work with our flock and create penguin paintings.




Penguin Art Gallery

Original Paintings for Sale:

Various Penguin's Paintings    
P53 - 5"x7"
The Gathering of Clouds
P56 - 8"x10"
The Beginning
P38 - 5"x7"
Seen & Unforseen

P52 - 5"x 7"
Roast Mutton
P55 - 5"x 7"
On the Doorstep
P57 - 5"x 7"
Riddles in the Dark

P57 - 8"x 10"sold
The Shadow of the Past
P48 - 5" x 7"
P54 - 11" x 14"sold
Icy Storm
P58 - 8" x 10"sold
Three is Company
P23 - 8" x 10"
The Secret Riddle

P54 - 8" x 10"sold
The Reichenbach Fall
P49 - 11"x 14"
Penguin Post
P53 - 11"x 14"sold
The Keeper of the Keys
P45 - 11" x 14" sold
The Night Lands

Penguin Art Bookmarks

Looking for a little something extra? Get a one-of-a-kind penguin painted bookmark! They come in various colors, some with string and some without. Pick a color theme when you add it into your shopping cart.

Cost: $1.50

Note: Paintings pictured may no longer be available.
Try "Surprise Me option - the Zoo chooses my painting" for sale online too!

Details of CMZ Penguin Artwork

  • All paper, mats and tape are acid-free
  • Each painting is wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve.
  • 5" x 7" art is only available matted with an outside edge dimension of 8" x 10".
  • 8” x 10” art can be chosen as either unmatted or matted. If chosen as matted it is with an 11” x 14” outside edge dimension.
  • 11" x 14" art is only available unmatted.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is included with each painting.
  • 50% of the proceeds from each purchase goes to penguin conservation.
  • On-line images may slightly alter hues of paint colors or centering of paintings in the digitally applied mats (compared to the real mats).
  • Foam core backing is NOT included – this is often discarded during the framing process and is not environmentally conscious.

Private Painting Session

Get a private painting session with a penguin! You can select the canvas size and up to four of the available paint colors. All paintings are an additional fee. (Fee is dependent on size of painting).
To Schedule: Call 719.633.9925, ext. 174, or e-mail


$250 for up to four guests.

Order Online:

Order By Phone:

Phone: Call 719.633.9925, ext. 174, or e-mail
Please indicate the number of the painting you want to purchase and include your contact information.
Orders may take up to 1-2 weeks to process/ship.


5" x 7" paintings matted = $11
8” x 10” paintings unmatted = $17
8” x 10” paintings matted = $22
11" x 14" paintings unmatted = $27
Bookmarks = $1.25 each
*Shipping & handling = $10
* If you pick up your purchase at CMZ there is no shipping/handling charge.

Every time a painting is purchased, 50% of the proceeds go to SANCCOB penguin conservation!