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Saddle Up the Brush.

Purchasing CMZoo pony art helps support the Zoo.

Painting with our ponies began in February 2009. The keepers worked with the ponies and learned very quickly that these smart equines enjoyed painting. Each pony has their own unique painting style. The ponies love what they do and 100% of the proceeds go towards the general care of our zoo animals.

Unique Benefits of Pony Art

  • Painting enriches the ponies lives and stimulates their minds.
  • This is a unique opportunity for the ponies that live at CMZ to help all the Zoo animals.
    • We know that every time someone looks at Pony Art displayed in their home or office, they will be reminded how amazing and intelligent these equines are!
    • All proceeds from sale of Pony Art go towards the care and feeding of all the animals at the Zoo.

Pony Artists Profiles

José – José was born on March 17, 2004. He is a Polish Arabian, stands 14.3 hands high and weighs 1,010 pounds, making him the largest in our herd. He came to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in 2009 and started painting in 2012. José seems to take painting seriously and is gentle with the brush. His paintings usually consist of long strokes.



Concho – Concho was born May 10, 2007. He is a miniature horse, stands 8.3 hands high and weighs 302 pounds. He came to the Zoo 2011 and started painting in 2012. Don’t let his size fool you! He is the most enthusiastic painter out of all the ponies that have been trained to paint. But watch out! His passion for painting often sends the paint flying! His trainers Beth and Kayla never really end a painting session without paint on their clothes/hands, and Concho even likes to add a bit of color to his own coat. Concho’s paintings are often straight lines with twists and turns in the strokes as he twists his head to make the painting look just right!



Pony Art Gallery

Original Paintings for Sale:

José's Paintings    

J8 - 8" x10"
J2 - 8" x 10"
J3 - 8" x 10"
J4 - 8" x 10"
J5 8" x 10"

J12 - 8" x 10"
Concho's Paintings    

C1 - 8"x 10" sold
C2 - 8"x 10"
C3- 8"x 10"
C4 - 8"x 10" sold

C6 - 8" x10" sold

Note: Paintings pictured may no longer be available.
Try "Surprise Me option - the Zoo chooses my painting" for sale online too!

Details of CMZ Pony Artwork

  • All paper, mats and tape are acid-free
  • Each painting is normally done on plain art paper and you can choose it matting or not.
  • If a painting is done on canvas it will be indicated under its title in the gallery.
  • 8” x 10” art that is matted results in an 11” x 14” outside edge dimension
  • Certificate of Authenticity is included with each painting
  • On-line images may slightly alter hues of paint colors or centering of paintings in the digitally applied mats (compared to the real mats).
  • Foam core backing is NOT included – this is often discarded during the framing process and is not environmentally conscious.

Order Online:

Order By Phone:

Phone: Call 719.633.9925, ext. 174, or e-mail aarimborgo@cmzoo.org.
Please indicate the number of the painting you want to purchase and include your contact information.
Orders may take up to 1-2 weeks to process/ship.

8" x 10" art paper only painting = $17
8” x 10” matted art paper painting = $22
8” x 10” canvas painting = $27
*Shipping & handling = $10
* If you pick up your purchase at CMZ there is no shipping/handling charge.

All proceeds from sale of Pony Art go towards the care and feeding of all the animals at the Zoo!