Zoo Doo

Get the Scoop on Poop.

Doo you know the best way to keep annoying deer away? From our yard to yours, Zoo Doo is made from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo big cat feces and sold by the pound. Gardeners swear by this all-natural deer deterrent to protect their plants and trees. Even better, your purchase supports the zoo!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in Zoo Doo?

Zoo Doo contains Cheyenne Mountain Zoo tiger, leopard and African lion feces. Mountain lion feces is not used to prevent attracting mountain lions to your yard. Please note, Zoo Doo is a deer deterrent, not a fertilizer.

Does it smell?

You may notice an initial odor, however, it's generally unnoticeable to humans after a short time. The effect on deer lasts much longer.

How long does it last?

The effects of Zoo Doo vary. Some gardeners may only need to purchase Zoo Doo once a year, while others may need to purchase more after a few weeks.


$2.00/pound; 15-pound minimum
Available Tuesday - Saturday, by appointment only.
719.633.9925 x150