The Wonders of the Wild.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's 146 picturesque acres are home to over 950 animals of every variety. Scaly, furry and feathered. Striped, spotted and spectacled. Hopping, strutting and slithering. They're all exotic, and they're all here for you to visit.

Mirroring their natural habitats in the wild, the animals' Zoo homes will transport you to wild places around the globe. Experience African elephants and black rhinos in Encounter Africa. See the giraffes and meerkats in the African Rift Valley. Feed and viist with the Budgie Buddies in Australia. Check out the proud cats in Asian Highlands. Or observe the powerful grizzlies in Rocky Mountain Wild.

The Zoo also has exciting attractions you won't want to miss. Fly over the Zoo on the Mountaineer Sky Ride to watch the sunset atop Cheyenne Mountain. With its oversized garden and petting zoo, kids will love My Big Backyard. And no trip to the Pikes Peak Region is complete without a visit to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun.

With its distinctive mountainside setting at an elevation of 6,800— with over 200 species of wild animals, engaging exhibits and irresistible attractions, at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the wonders of the wild are just a short trip away.