What is it like to work with wildlife? Bring your curiosities and get hands-on with Zoo animals in the newly renovated Loft.

  •   Be a Zoo Keeper and help feed Oz, a tiger salamander.

  •   Be a Veterinarian and help weigh Tonya, the red-footed tortoise.

  •   Be an Animal Trainer and help train Poe, a raven.

  •   Be an Animal Care expert and take a class taught by our Zoo Keepers


Once inside, children and children-at-heart can explore and experience different animal care careers, such as a zoo keeper, animal trainer and even veterinarian.

“The signage will be more individual to the animals,” said Melanie Sorensen Director of Education. “We are excited about sharing their names and personal stories, like the domestic rats that are named Kirk and Spock because they are much like the explorers from Star Trek.”

The entire space is designed to be kid-friendly, with counter-height exhibits that offer eye-level viewing for our younger guests, kid-friendly knives to help prepare animal diets and lower sinks for cleaning up.

Our Loft animals

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