Life on the Edge of WildIgnite your appreciation for the rights and responsibilities that go with living on the edge of the wild. At The Loft, atop The Lodge at Moose Lake, you can:

SPECIAL NOTICE: The Loft in Rocky Mountain Wild is temporarily closed until May 2014 for an exciting renovation! Be sure to plan a trip this summer to see all of the improvements!

  • Get an up-close view of a perching raven, meandering porcupine, hovering hawk and other small animals that live on the edge of the wild.
  • Explore how we are living on the cutting edge of technology with emerging alternative energy sources.
  • Investigate how human behaviors can save animal habitats from destruction—and animals from the edge of extinction.
  • Discover Loft Shows - look in our "Natural Behavior Animal Shows" dropdown for in-depth experiences together!

You can even get some ideas about how you can make a difference—right in your own backyard!