ZOOMobile in Schools

What? Animals in Class?

Augment your science curriculum in fun and exciting ways without leaving your classroom. Through a variety of fascinating presentations, ZoOOMobile will bring Colorado State Standards to life while connecting students with the wonders of wildlife. We currently offer both Classroom programs and larger Assembly programs listed below.

To accommodate different attention spans, presentations for first grade students and older last approximately one hour, and presentations for preschool and kindergarten students are divided into two 30-minute segments.


Classroom Programs

Note: Audience size is limited to 30 students per presentation to achieve an intimate experience between the class and the animals.

Beautiful Bats!

Grades: 2nd and above

Duration: 1 hour

Our “Beautiful Bats” program uses a variety of activities to teach kids about bats.  We discuss habitat, diet, different types of bats, dispel some bat myths, and what we can do to help these cute and important little mammals.  Kids will go home counting down the minutes until it is dark enough to look for their new friends in the night sky!

*Teachers can choose to have a program that focuses just on bats or have us integrate the bats into one of our existing classroom programs.

*Note that the bat program includes a visit with only our Egyptian Fruit Bats, while other existing programs include four animals.

African Safari

Grades: Preschool to 2nd Grade

 Duration: ½ hour to 1 hour (½ hour for kindergarten and preschoolers. 1 hour for 1st and 2nd grade.)

Join us on a real African Safari that’s as thrilling as you can imagine! Get up and moving as we journey through the different habitats of Africa and meet some animal friends that might dwell there! We’ll check out snakes, lizards, and maybe even have an encounter with a cheetah! Our imaginations will lead us in places you never thought you could go, all in the comfort of your classroom! 

A Hike Through North America

Grades: Preschool to 2nd grade

Duration: ½ hour to 1 hour  (½ hour for kindergarten and preschoolers. 1 hour for 1st and 2nd grade.)

Stretch out your legs and get that heart pumping as we take a hike to discover animals that live in North America! We’ll trek from Desert to Forest from Swamp to Prairie!  Not only do you get to see the animals, but you might get to touch them, too! This is a hike like no other!

Amazing Arthropods

Grades: 2nd grade

Duration: 1 hour

Face your fears of creepy crawly creatures and meet our Amazing Arthropods! This is a chance to see these little guys as you have never seen them before; up close and personal! So, gather up all your courage and join us as we discover what makes Arthropods so unique and important!  

Living with Wildlife

Grades: 2nd grade and up

Duration: 1 hour

Join us for this eco-friendly program where our animal friends will show you why they’re so special to keep around.  You’ll find out how humans and animals can share our world all while seeing and touching real animals!  After this program, participants just might find themselves turning into champions for wildlife!

Animal Transformers (Classifications)

Grades: 3rd grade-5th grade (however, can be presented to 2nd graders)

Duration: 1 hour long

Have you ever wondered what makes a reptile a reptile or an amphibian an amphibian? Well, in this fun activity based program, students get to find out about different animal classes while watching their classmates turn into animals! Students may not want to change back into students once they find out how amazing and important each animal class is!

ZOOMobile in on Harry Potter

Grades: 2nd grade- 5th grade

Duration: 1 hour long

Thrill the Harry Potter fans in your class by scheduling this ZOOMobile presentation. It features the fantastic beasts of the Harry Potter series. Participants will learn to face their fears of animals while looking back on the young wizard's story.


First program: $125
Each additional program at the same site (same day/same location): $65

This fee includes live animals, animal artifacts and a ZOOMobile presenter. You will receive a discount for multiple presentations at one site; presentations can occur simultaneously.

For schools seeking information about scholarship funding, please view the ZOOMobile Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions. To access a ZOOMobile Scholarship Application.


Assembly Programs

Assembly programs provide outreach for up to 200 people!

Includes larger animal ambassadors performing natural behaviors, but does not include a touch opportunity with the animals.

Animal Mythbusters

Grades: All Grades

Duration: 15-20 minutes long

Can Porcupines shoot their quills? Do cockroaches serve any purpose? Learn the truth about some better known animal myths and maybe even some you’ve never heard before. After busting these amazing, animal myths with us, you’ll be seeing animals in a whole new way!

Things that Go Bump In the Night

Grades: All Grades

Duration: 15-20 minutes long

Join us for a unique camping trip filled with amazing animal ambassadors showing off their natural behaviors. Learn how to be responsible when spending the night in the forest and let our not-so knowledgeable camper show you what not to do when camping! In this program, we’ll shed some light on what to do when you hear animals that go bump in the night!


Prices depend upon the needs of your school or organization. Please call to register and work out cost based upon your needs. Touch opportunities with animal ambassadors may be added to semi-assembly programs for an additional charge. You will receive a discount for multiple presentations at one site


To Register

E-mail or call 719-633-9925, ext. 127