August 23, 2015, Colorado Springs, CO – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s three roly-poly African lion cubs are ready for their media debut this Monday, August 24 from 11 a.m. – noon. The three cubs, one girl and two boys, were born on June 25 to first-time parents Lomela, an eight-year-old female, and Abuto, a four-year-old male. Since their birth, they’ve been growing, playing and chasing their mother’s tail – which they seem to think is the very best toy.

Over the last few weeks, guests have had limited viewing of the Zoo’s cubs and Lomela in the lion relaxation room. The Zoo has had barriers up to help keep things calm for the new mom. On Monday, the barriers will come down for media and guests, and the cubs’ names, which were voted on by the Zoo members, will be announced.

The cubs’ father, Abuto, spends most of his days with Zwena (Lomela’s sister), while Lomela takes care of the cubs. Recently he was introduced to Lomela and the cubs, and he occasionally spends short periods of time with them in the early mornings.

See the latest photos and video of the cubs at http://tinyurl.com/CMZooLionCubs, or better yet, come see them for yourself!


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