Giraffe Art

Giraffe herd in African Rift Valley at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo mingling with guests feeding them off the boardwalk.

Longneck Impressions.

Have you heard about our herd?! We have one of the largest herds of reticulated giraffe in all of North America. Each individual giraffe has its own spot pattern, as well as its own unique hoof print. Our giraffe are trained with positive reinforcement to present their hooves for trimming and filing. They also hold up their feet for treats, which allows them the opportunity to paint impressions with their hooves. Enjoy a giraffe hoofprint of your very own!

Unique Benefits of Giraffe Art

  • Interaction enriches the giraffes’ lives and stimulates their minds.
  • Learn more about Giraffe Conservation.
  • We know that every time someone looks at giraffe art displayed in their home or office, they will be reminded how beautiful these animals are!

Who Does What

All of our giraffe are offered the opportunity to make hoofprint impressions during trainings.

Sneak a Peek

Watch our giraffe daily, live on the Giraffe Cams!

How can I purchase giraffe artwork?

Browse our Giraffe Art Gallery for available artwork below. Order online or by phone.

All proceeds from sale of giraffe art go
towards the care and feeding of all the animals at the Zoo.