New Babies

photos of three different current babies listed on this page that guests may see while at the Zoo

Bundles of Love.


African Rift Valley Babies

Giraffe Birth Cam

– Watch reticulated giraffe mom(s)-to-be on our live-streaming Giraffe Birth Cam!

Reticulated giraffe calf, “Penny”

– Born June 4, 2018 to mother Muziki. The new calf is the 200th giraffe calf born in Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s history of breeding giraffe, which began in 1954. She brings the total number of giraffe in our herd to 18! Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates. Watch the #200 giraffe birth on Facebook. View the June 4, 2018 press release. View the June 14, 2018 press release. If you would like to help support Penny, please make a donation here.

Reticulated giraffe older calf, “Rae”

– Born April 26, 2017 to mother Msitu. Rae is with the rest of the herd and is great friends with her great grandmother, Tamu. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates! Click here.

Slender-tailed meerkat pups

– Born March 6, 2018 to parents Dusty and Kamikaze. These four pups love to play and wrestle with each other and mom and dad, and they tend to follow and mimic their movements, as well. Gender confirmation is pending. They are located at the meerkat exhibit in African Rift Valley (right across from the lions), and they have access to both their off-exhibit den and outdoor exhibit.

Australia Walkabout Babies

Red-necked wallaby joey

– Born ~September 9, 2017. This is the first joey for mother Kiah and father Bugsy, and mom and joey are doing fine. The joey grew inside Kiah’s pouch and is now spending most of her time out of the pouch! View The Waterhole article, “Wallaby Babies,” here.

Primate World Babies

Sumatran orangutan baby

– Born June 6, 2018. We are thrilled to announce the birth of a baby Sumatran orangutan, born at 9:28 p.m. The baby is the third offspring for 30-year-old mom, Sumagu (soo-mah’-goo), and 27-year-old dad, Baka (bah’-kuh). Mother and baby are in their regular exhibit in Primate World, which will be open for guests. Depending on where Sumagu decides to spend time, she and the baby may or may not be visible to guests. View the press release with photos and/or video link here.
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Rocky Mountain Wild Babies

Mexican gray wolf pups

– Born May 8, 2018. A litter of Mexican gray wolf pups born to mother Luna and father Navarro. Luna is currently exhibiting great maternal behavior and is caring for the pups in a cozy underground den within the wolf exhibit. Visit the press release with photo link here.