New Babies

Bundles of Love.


African Rift Valley Babies

Reticulated giraffe calf, “Rae”

– Reticulated giraffe calf female born April 26, 2017 to mother Msitu. Guests may find the calf inside or outside and usually with the herd. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates! Visit the press release with photos and video link here.

Slender-tailed meerkat pups

– Three pups born July 20, 2017 to parents Dusty and Kamikaze. The pups love to play and wrestle with each other and mom and dad, and they tend to follow and mimic their movements, as well. Keepers suspect the smallest one is a female and at least one of the other two is a male, but gender confirmation is pending. They are located at the meerkat exhibit in African Rift Valley (right across from the lions), and they have access to both their off-exhibit den and outdoor exhibit.

Australia Walkabout Babies

Red-necked Wallaby Joey

– Born ~September 9, 2017. This is the first joey for mother Kiah and father Bugsy, and mom and joey are doing fine. The joey is still very small and growing inside Kiah’s pouch all the time. Stay tuned for future updates!

Primate World Babies

Orangutan, "Ember"

– Born October 29, 2014. Ember is a very active orangutan toddler female, and is the second offspring for mother Hadiah and father, Tujoh.