New Babies

Bundles of Love.


African Rift Valley Babies

Reticulated giraffe calf, “Rae”

– Reticulated giraffe calf female born April 26, 2017 to mother Msitu. Mom and calf appear to be healthy and doing well. Guests may find the calf inside or outside, as she is slowly being introduced to the rest of the herd. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates! Visit the press release with photos and video link here.

African lion cubs, “Aslan,” “Boma” and “Elsa”

– Three cubs born June 25, 2015 to first time mom Lomela and dad Abuto. Mom and cubs appear to be healthy and doing well.


Monkey Pavilion Babies

Howler monkey, "Jasper"

– Born January 8, 2015 to first time mother, Eva. Jasper is named after a precious stone in honor of his dad, Garnet. They can be seen in the Monkey Pavilion building in their exhibit.


Primate World Babies

Orangutan, "Ember"

– Born October 29, 2014. The orangutan baby female is the second offspring for mother Hadiah and father, Tujoh. Mom and baby are doing well. Learn more.


Rocky Mountain Wild Babies

Canada Lynx Kittens

– Four kittens born May 6, 2017. Mom, Migina, is taking great care of her kittens. This is Migina’s third litter, and her keepers say she’s a very protective, aware mom. The kittens are already learning to walk and are adorably stumbling over their big feet! It will be a little while before the young kits are officially on exhibit, but you might be able to catch a glimpse of them in their off-exhibit area from the grizzly boardwalk.