Eclectus Parrot


Lifespan: 40-50 years

Wild Diet: Buds, blossoms, seeds, nuts, berries, fruit, nectar

Zoo Diet: Large amounts of green vegetables in addition to fruit and nuts.

Predators: Preyed on by birds of prey. Also hunted for the pet trade.


IUCN Status: Least Concern

Habitat/Range: Tropical rainforests in New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia.

Characteristics: Male is stocky, medium sized with bright, glossy green feathers highlighted with red flashes on his sides and underneath his wings. Females slightly smaller with a bright red head, throat and wings which contrast with her brilliant blue chest and purple under wings. Strong curved beak adapted for climbing and cracking nuts.

Behavior: Noisy, sociable birds that gather in large flocks of up to eighty.

Reproduction: No regular breeding season. Nests in tree holes high up in tree trunks. Two eggs incubated without the help of the male. Male visits the nest regularly to feed the female. Eggs hatch after 26 days. Young fledge at 12 weeks.

Conservation: Often hunted for the pet trade.