Tawny Frogmouth


Lifespan: Up to 10 years in captivity

Wild Diet: Insects, snails, sometimes birds and frogs

Zoo Diet: Invertebrates, small rodents

Predators: Owls, domestic and feral cats and foxes.


IUCN Status: Least Concern

Habitat/Range: Dry tropical forests, eucalyptus woodlands of Australia and Tasmania

Characteristics: Height 15-20 inches. Large, slightly curved beak with a large gape, distinguishing tuft of bristle-like feathers around the nostrils at the base of the beak; mouth brightly colored when opened. Wingspan 1.5-2 feet. Brown to gray plumage, streaked with black and brown. Juveniles may have white specks.

Behavior: Weak flyers; nocturnal hunters pouncing on territorial prey from a low perch. Freezes when disturbed. Has excellent camouflage.

Reproduction: Builds nest of twigs in the fork of a tree. Clutch 1-2 white eggs. Eggs are incubated by the female at night. Males sometimes relieves the female in the daytime. Incubation is 30 days. Both parents share in the feeding.

Conservation: Large scale building and development threatens some local populations, but the bird's ability to adapt ensures its survival.