Conservation Kids

Be Conservation-Wise and Eco-Friendly.

Hey kids! Did you know that conservation isn’t just for adults? You, too, can make a difference in the world—for animals and future generations. Get some practical ideas for how to help our planet here, and remember, there are lots more ways to conserve. What else can you do?

Get Educated

Learn about the world’s animals and resources. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers many educational programs to help you increase your awareness of our world.

Conserve Water

How much water do you use to brush your teeth? Place a measuring cup in the sink while you brush and measure how much water you use. Can you use less? The less water you use, the more there is in the wild for animals.

Save Energy

Turn the lights off when you leave a room and turn off the TV when you’re finished watching.

Go Green

Plant a garden in your backyard and include native plants to attract beautiful butterflies!


Before you throw your empty soda cans in the trash, think “should this really go in the trash or can I recycle it?” Most recycling facilities take newspaper, some plastics and aluminum. Also, did you know that recycling cans can help save tiger habitat? It can!


Use plastic containers instead of sandwich bags to pack lunch items. And use a lunch box instead of a paper bag.

Borrow, Don’t Buy

Borrow a book from the library instead of buying a new book. You can enjoy library books over and over again—and you’ll save money and trees.

Build a Home

Build a birdhouse to give a bird a home. Or make a simple birdfeeder out of a pinecone for a yummy treat. Don’t forget to provide water for our feathered friends as well!

Clean Up

Next time you take a walk, pick up trash along the way. Can you recycle anything you find? Journal about what you find.

Create Recycled Crafts

Did you know that you can make many crafts out of recycled toilet paper tubes and egg cartons? Check out

Share What You Learn

Did you learn something cool about the Earth or an animal? Share it with your family and friends. They will probably think it is cool, too! And the more people that understand nature, the more that will help conserve resources and protect wildlife.

Go Outside

Get outside and enjoy nature! Just remember to respect wildlife and their homes.