Providing a platform for people with all levels of interest in giraffe by offering a way to obtain and share informational resources about related current events, news, research and conservation.

Mission Statement: Love4Longnecks is an awareness campaign that aims to bridge the gap between wild giraffe and their captive ambassadors, by providing tools and action steps to protect wild giraffe.

Our vision is to inspire giraffe conservation through community outreach. We strive to educate schools, businesses, individuals, and other zoo communities about the plight of giraffe, and give them tools and action steps in which to protect wild giraffe.



Download these L4L infographics:
All About Giraffes PDF
Longnecks PDF
The Giraffe Heart PDF


Education Materials

Curriculum resources for download:

– Giraffe Curriculum: Kindergarten-Grade 2 PDF

CMZ Giraffe Care Workshop 2015


During Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Giraffe Care Workshop, giraffe professionals came together to create a community of people who are both committed and empowered to continually improve giraffe welfare, both in situ and ex situ. CMZ staff worked together with attendees to create plans that support giraffe conservation; one of these plans was the startup of an educational awareness campaign: Love4Longnecks.


Visit Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) for additional resources and valuable ways to support giraffe conservation in Africa!