The Loft

The Loft – See. Learn. Explore. Do.

What is it like to work with wildlife?

Bring your curiosities and get hands-on with Zoo animals in The Loft at Rocky Mountain Wild.


  •   Be a Zoo Keeper and help feed a tiger salamander.
  •   Be a Veterinarian and help weigh the red-footed tortoise.
  •   Be an Animal Trainer and help train a raven.
  •   Be an Animal Care expert and take a class taught by our Zoo Keepers

Once inside, children and children-at-heart can explore and experience different animal care careers, such as a zoo keeper, animal trainer and even veterinarian.

Signage in the Loft is designed to highlight individual animals and share something special about them. Did you know that Ponya, the ball python, tends to yawn after she eats or while being held? Learning an animal’s special story can be just as important as learning about their care. The Loft is a great place to see that combination and truly connect to the animals that live there.


The entire space is designed to be kid-friendly, with counter-height exhibits that offer eye-level viewing for our younger guests, kid-friendly knives to help prepare animal diets and lower sinks for cleaning up.

Did you know you can schedule your very own LOFT ANIMAL ART EXPERIENCE? Enjoy a private painting session and unique animal interaction with one of our Loft animals.
You can also visit the Special Edition Art Gallery and buy some already made Loft Art of your very own!

Our Loft animals can’t wait to meet You!