Our Wonderful World of Water.

Please note:
– Aquatics is currently CLOSED to build all-new homes for hippos, penguins, lemurs, and an EdVenture Complex!
– Anticipated to open in Fall 2019.
– Watch the progress, details and ways to help by donating to Making Waves HERE.


African penguins – (not currently at the Zoo)

Please note: Our penguin flock has moved to another AZA-accredited facility. They’re moving out of the Aquatics building to make way for brand-new exhibits for hippos and penguins and other species as a part of our “Making Waves” capital campaign!

Hippos – (not currently at the Zoo)

Please note: Our Nile hippos, Zambezi (23) and Kasai (17), are currently on an extended vacation to Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO. They will be gone while a new exhibit is built for them with funds raised from our “Making Waves” capital campaign.

Learn more about what’s coming with “Making Waves“!