Our Wonderful World of Water.

Our own water-loving animal oasis, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Aquatics building is home to a wide variety of species that grow or live in or near water.

African penguins

The African, or black-footed, penguins’ rock dens are built right into the walls of the exhibit, replicating the natural cave nests you’d see in the wild. An adjacent pool provides our tuxedoed friends an opportunity to show off their lightning fast swimming abilities.

Leaping to the Rescue

The Aquatics building is home to Leaping to the Rescue where you can meet a variety of amphibians and learn about rescuing amphibians from extinction!

Hippos – (not currently at the Zoo)

Please note: Our Nile hippos, Zambezi (23) and Kasai (17), are currently on an extended vacation to Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO. They will be gone while a new exhibit is built for them with funds raised from our “Making Waves” capital campaign.


Find out when Aquatics animal shows and talks happen!

For splashing, spraying and soaking, this exhibit’s a flood of fun!