Monkey Pavilion

Lots of Monkeying Around.

Monkey Pavilion houses a variety of smaller primate species, many of which are threatened or endangered in their natural habitats. You may see:

  • Black mangabeys
  • Black howler monkeys
  • Goeffroy’s marmosets
  • Goeldi’s monkeys
  • Hoffman’s two-toed sloth
  • Lar gibbons
  • White-cheeked gibbons
  • Black and white ruffed lemurs
  • Ring-tailed lemurs
  • Wolf’s guenon

One of the Zoo’s historic landmarks, the Monkey Pavilion opened in 1942 and was originally constructed to house the Zoo’s big cats. But as Zoo animal husbandry techniques evolved, it was decided that this building was not an adequate home for the cats.

In 1995, the Zoo demolished its old Monkey House, located in the area where Lodge at Moose Lake now stands, and transferred the monkeys and smaller primates to the renovated cat house, now known as the Monkey Pavilion. And with the opening of Asian Highlands soon after, the Zoo’s Asian cats moved to a more naturalistic, spacious habitats.

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