Encounter Africa

Encounter Africa

An Incredible Journey.

Encounter Africa provides exquisite habitats for African elephants, lions, meerkats and the majestic black rhinoceros. Walking into the exhibit you are engulfed by the African savanna, surrounded by realistic life-sized elephant sculptures, a safari tent and tall African grasses. The views of Colorado Springs seen from the exhibit’s sky bridge remind you that you’re close to the city limits, but walking side by side with the Zoo’s elephants takes you to a different world. Made possible by a $13.5 million capital campaign, it’s the biggest addition in the Zoo’s history. Encounter Africa is kind of a big deal.

During your visit to Encounter Africa you can experience:

An Incredible Journey

  • how lions hunt with an interactive Cape buffalo sculpture,
  • elephants taking a dip in an elephant-sized pool,
  • taking photos with life-sized elephant sculptures,
  • playing in a restored bush plane cantilevered into the black rhino exhibit,
  • meeting meerkats, and watch them eat out of an interactive termite mound,
  • watching lions from three separate viewing areas,
  • visiting the Wilgruen Elephant Center – catch a glimpse of our animals inside, rolling in the sand or enjoying an elephant-operated shower,
  • walking across the sky bridge for a spectacular panorama of the city, and
  • meet the animals of Encounter Africa.

With so much to discover you’ll feel that you’ve been whisked away to the African savannah.

Come experience Encounter Africa at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

African mammal silhouettes walking across page