RMWild Animals

RMWild Animals
Meet the Natives.

Discover the natural inhabitants of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains as you’ve never seen them before—immersed in their native wilderness habitat.


Get an up-close view of Colorado’s largest animal species—the majestic moose. Surrounded by pine woods, with its own small lake, you’ll see this beautiful animal as it lives in the wild.


Mountain Lions

Meet Colorado’s top predator, the mountain lion (also known as the cougar), up-close at the one-of-a-kind Cougar Canyon. A natural rock canyon covered by a glass canopy separates human from lion and affords stunning views of the animals and beautiful Cheyenne Mountain.

Canada Lynx

Encounter the endangered Canada lynx, also known as the “grey ghost of the north.” Recently reintroduced in Colorado, this elusive cat is striking with its tufted ears and snowshoe-like feet.


River Otters

Journey further into the Rocky Mountain “wilderness” for a view of the spirited North American river otters playing in a waterfall. You’ll be wowed by the underwater viewing opportunities!


Grizzly Bears

Ascend the mountainside via a fire tower offering breathtaking views and culminating with the experience of a lifetime: Seeing magnificent grizzlies roaming the rugged mountainside. This signature exhibit brings you close to the grizzlies as they forage for food in a hollowed out tree and fish in their pool.


Bald Eagles

Just beyond the grizzlies, you can see the majestic bald eagle perched high atop the trees, presiding over Rocky Mountain Wild.



View in Rocky Mountain Wild, see porcupine as you may have never seen them before – in a tree! Just as they do in the wild, these porcupine spend their time as silent observers of passersby.



Spend some time observing the elusive Mexican gray wolves – the smallest of the gray wolf species – as they prowl around their woodland territory. Learn more about Mexican gray wolves at here.