Keeper Shadows

Shadow A Real-Life Zookeeper.

(Ages 12+)

Want to be a Zookeeper for a day? Here’s your opportunity to experience caring for animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Help clean, feed and interact with the animals through one-on-one experiences with a Zookeeper for a full-day or half-day.

Half day options:

Spend 4 hours on a morning shift from 8:10-12:10 p.m., or an afternoon shift from 1:10-5:10 pm. in ANY animal area available from the list below.
(Please note: African Rift Valley 1 is only available in the afternoon in the summer. Monkey Pavilion is best in the morning in the summer season).

Full day options:

Spend 8 hours between your choice of any TWO animal areas. Morning shift is 8:10-12:10 p.m. (Lunch hour is typically 12:10 -1:10 p.m., you may bring your own sack lunch or purchase food at one of our concessions.), then the afternoon shift is 1:10-5:10 p.m.

Recommended full day animal area combinations:
Pachyderms: Wilgruen Elephant Center
Bears: Monkey Pavilion/Rocky Mountain Wild
Primates: Monkey Pavilion/Primate World
Reptiles: Australia/Scutes Family Gallery
Birds: Australia/African Rift Valley 1
Carnivores: Rocky Mountain Wild/Asian Highlands
Hoofstock: African Rift Valley 2/African Rift Valley 1

Animal Areas Available:

  • Encounter Africa (elephants and rhino)
  • African Rift Valley 1, (Colobus monkeys, Red River hogs, zebra, meerkats, vultures, tortoises, other birds)
  • African Rift Valley 2, (giraffe, lions)
  • Australia’s Outback Yard & Scutes Family Gallery (wallabies, budgies, reptiles and tree kangaroo)
  • Primate World (orangutans, gorillas, siamangs, tamarins, and naked mole rats)
  • Monkeys & Bears (spectacled bears, Asiatic black bears, gibbons, marmosets, mangabey’s and sloths)
  • Rocky Mountain Wild/Asian Highlands (moose, wolves, mountain lions, lynx, river otters, grizzly bears, Amur tigers and Amur leopards)

Interested in a different package combination? Just ask when calling to schedule and check availability of your animal areas of interest.



Half day (4 hours)
Members: $100.75
Non-members: $110.75

Full day (8 hours plus 1 hour lunch)
Members: $175.75
Non-members: $185.75

For the safety of both the animals and the participant, proof of a negative tuberculosis test taken within the past year is required if working with primates. (This cost is approximately $20.)


Sign Up:

We require that you register for a keeper shadow at least one week prior to the date of participation.

Email [email protected] or call 719-424-7874.