ZOOMobile Animal Ambassadors

Animals that may visit you on the ZOOMobile.

For more information on any of these animals, please visit the Animal Facts pages.
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Emperor newt photo
Giant African bullfrog photo
Southern leopard frog photo
Tiger salamander photo
White's tree frog photo
Emperor newt
Giant African bullfrog
Southern leopard frog
Tiger salamander
White’s tree frog
BIRDS    > (NOTE: Our birds are not traveling out to Birthday Parties at this time.)
American kestrel photo
Tawny frogmouth photo
White crested black polish chicken photo
Yokohama chicken photo
American kestrel
Tawny frogmouth
White crested black
Polish chicken
Yokohama chicken
Asian forest scorpion photo
Blue death feigning beetle photo
Chilean rose hair tarantula photo
Desert blonde tarantula photo
Giant African millipede photo
Hermit crab photo
Madagascar hissing cockroach photo
Asian forest scorpion
Blue death feigning beetle
Chilean rose hair tarantula
Desert blonde tarantula
Giant African millipede
Hermit crab
Madagascar hissing cockroach

Three-banded armadillo photo
Chinchilla photo
Black-footed ferret photo
North American porcupine photo
Black-tailed prairie dog photo
Netherland dwarf rabbit photo
Holland lop  rabbit photo
Rex rabbits photo
Striped skunk photo
Three-banded armadillo
Black-footed ferret
North American porcupine
Black-tailed prairie dog
Netherland dwarf rabbit
Holland lop rabbit
Rex rabbit
Striped skunk


African plated lizard photo
Argentine red tegu photo
Blue-tongued skink photo
Leopard gecko photo
Prehensile-tailed skink photo
Togo fire skink photo
African plated lizard
Argentine red tegu
Blue-tongued skink
Leopard gecko
Prehensile-tailed skink
Togo fire skink


Andean milksnake photo
Ball python photo
Bullsnake photo
Cornsnake photo
Desert kingsnake photo
Grey-banded kingsnake photo
Kenyan sand boa photo
Western hognose snake photo
Andean milksnake
Ball python
Desert kingsnake
Grey-banded kingsnake
Kenyan sand boa
Western hognose snake

Turtles / Tortoises

African Pancake tortoise photo
Ornate box turtle photo
Red-footed tortoise photo
Star tortoise photo
African pancake tortoise
Ornate box turtle
Red-footed tortoise
Star tortoise