Head of the Herd

A Decade Growing Together.

Our members are a proud, dedicated group, so dedicated that some of them have been members for a decade or more without lapsing! That’s more than ten years of education, conservation and making the world a better place and we can’t help but share our Head of the Herd with the world!

This year marked the first year that membership brought in over $2 million dollars to the Zoo and it’s you, our most dedicated members, who have helped keep our Zoo strong. Why is this important? When we’re strong, we are better able to continue our mission as a leader in conservation, captive breeding and animal care. As Head of the Herd, you’ve been a part of our transformations – from new exhibits to new species – including our newest Making Waves campaign for more than a decade.

We want to say THANK YOU. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is proud to have you as Head of the Herd, and we look forward to many more years of goosebumps – every time.

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Thank you to everyone in Head of the Herd!

For more information about Head of the Herd, please call 719-424-7815