Accessibility-Special Needs

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is committed to making the Zoo available and accessible to everyone.


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo abides by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and wants to insure every guest enjoys the Zoo. We hope you will find the access information you need below.

If you need help any time during your visit, contact us or call 719-633-9925.



FREE Parking

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers FREE parking for all Zoo guests.

  • Guests with disabilities – reserved parking spaces are available adjacent to the Zoo’s front admission gates.
  • Questions or parking requests with special needs – contact Guest Services at 719-424-7811.

Elevation – Getting around inside the Zoo

Zoo elevation scale rendering example of grade image
The Zoo’s elevation rises from 6,714 feet at the front admission gate to nearly 7,000 feet above sea level at the Zoo’s highest points of Asian Highlands and Rocky Mountain Wild.

With elevations of this magnitude, it’s important for guests to:

  • DRINK WATER – Keep hydrated by taking plenty of breaks to rehydrate with water.
  • Take your time and don’t overdo it, especially if you are visiting from locations much lower in altitude than Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
  • Consider taking the Zoo Shuttle to get around Zoo grounds. You can find Shuttle details under the ‘Guest Service Shuttle’ expandable on this page.

Guest Service Shuttle

Zoo Transportation

Need help getting around the Zoo? Watch for stops marked with signs around the Zoo for the Shuttle.
Cost: $2 – includes an all day hand stamp.
Purchase Shuttle rides at Zoo admissions or with the Shuttle driver.
When: Daily during the summer months, weekends only during winter months.
The Shuttle is available weather permitting and is wheelchair and stroller friendly.



Wheelchair & Stroller Rentals


Daily Cost: $15, no deposit required.
Standard wheelchairs are available for rent at the Stroller Hut just past the Thundergod Gift Shop, after entering at the Admission gate. Check inside the Thundergod Gift Shop when closed and during the winter months. We do not have personal motorized vehicles for rent.

Stroller Rentals

Daily Cost: $13 per one-seater stroller, $16 for two-seater stroller
Single- or two-seater strollers are available for rent during the summer months at the Stroller Hut, located just past Thundergod Gift Shop (after entering at the Admission gate).
Check inside the Thundergod Gift Shop when closed and/or during the winter months.

Please contact our guest service manager at 719-424-7811, or e-mail [email protected] prior to your visit if other special assistance is needed.


Service Animals

We welcome service animals that are trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Individuals visiting the Zoo with the assistance of a service animal may only tour certain areas of the Zoo with their service animal. The Zoo can care for the service animal and provide staff guidance if you want to visit restricted areas.

Print or view the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Map of Service Animal Areas. (Pets are not allowed inside the Zoo).

Please contact our guest service manager at 719-424-7811, or e-mail [email protected] for further assistance or information.