Thorny Devil Stick Insect

ZOO LOCATION: Australia Walkabout

Median life expectancy: 12 to 18 months

Wild Diet: Leaves of the forest, including ficus, bramble, raspberry,rose and guava.

Size: Females can get to be 6 inches long and males can reach to 5 inches long, head to abdomen

Habitat: Tropical rainforest areas in New Guinea, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands, where they can find warmth and humidity among the leaves and ground litter.

Characteristics: When camouflage isn't enough, they protect themselves with sharp body spines and glands that can emit a very strong odor to deter predators. Stick insects are nocturnal and mainly move around at night. During the day, they usually sit still on tree limbs. If they need to move, they often move with a swaying motion that looks like a twig moving in the breeze.

Reproduction: Female stick insects can reproduce more female stick insects without the help of males. If males are involved, there is a 50/50 chance the offspring will be male.