Amur Maackia

Genus: Maackia amurensis

Plant Type: Tree

Hardiness Zone: Zones 1-10

Requirements: Full sun, regular water.

Zoo Location: African Rift Valley

Characteristics: Native to Manchuria and Siberia, this small to medium rounded tree can grow 60 feet tall and wide but is unlikely to get above 30 feet in a garden. Dark green leaves, divided like a feather into many small leaflets on both sides, are followed in summer by 4 to 6 inch yellowish white flowers in spike-like clusters. In fall, 2 to 3 inch long flat seed pods develop. Winter interest includes an attractive bronze colored bark which peels in curls. This tree needs little pruning and is not particular about soil.

Did you Know? A member of the pea family, this tree can fix its own nitrogen.