Red Hot Poker

Genus: Kniphofia hybrids

Plant Type: Perennial

Hardiness Zone: Zones 4-9

Requirements: Full sun, moderate water.

Zoo Location: African Rift Valley

Characteristics: These are hybrids of species that originated in South Africa. Plants grow 2 1/2 feet tall and clumps slowly spread up to 3 feet in width. The foliage is grass-like and slightly toothed. In mid summer 3 foot central flower stalks give rise to flower spikes which resemble lit torches or hot pokers. These spikes are composed of many small tubular yellow, orange, and red flowers which bloom in sequence from the bottom to top of the flower stalk. In late summer and fall these stalks are dotted with pea-like seeds, which provide additional seasonal interest. Well drained soil and adequate moisture during flower development is required.

Did you Know? Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.