Genus: Ginkgo biloba

Plant Type: Tree

Hardiness Zone: Zones 3-9

Requirements: Full sun, regular water.

Zoo Location: Asian Highlands

Characteristics: Native to only two areas in China this ancient survivor, while awkward when young, can grow to be a majestic specimen 80 feet tall and 40 to 50 feet wide, but most mature trees are 35 to 50 feet tall. Under normal circumstances, this tree averages 1 foot of growth per year, and 3 feet per year in ideal conditions. In spring and summer the 2 to 3 inch wide fan shaped leaves are bright green in color and have a leathery texture. In Autumn leaves turn gold and tend to fall off within one 24 hour period. Younger trees will benefit from regular pruning and irrigation, but as the tree matures minimal pruning and occasional watering is all that is required. Females produce large amounts of foul smelling fruit, so male plants are recommended.

Did you Know? This tree reproduces by spores, like a fern.