Tokay Gecko

ZOO LOCATION: Scutes Family Gallery

Lifespan: 7-10 years

Wild Diet: Insectivorous

Zoo Diet: Grass, dark leafy greens

Predators: Mammals and Birds of prey


IUCN Status: Not Evaluated

Habitat/Range: Tropical rain forests, on cliffs and trees throughout India and southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Characteristics: They are closely connected with human habitation, rarely found elsewhere. In these dwellings they feed on a wide variety of insects. The toes of this gecko are lined with microscopic bristles that catch in tiny irregularities, allowing them to cling to many surfaces, even glass!

Behavior: Tokay Geckoes are solitary creatures, and only encounter the opposite sex during the breeding season. They defend their territory against intruders of the same species and of other species, ensuring less competition for food.

Reproduction: During breeding season, which lasts about 4-5 months, males copulate frequently with females. During the breeding period, females lay eggs about every month. In order to attract a mate, a male has a call that can be heard over a wide area. This loud "to-kay" sound is repeated multiple times. The male approaches the female from the rear, and they move side to side while he holds her in place with his teeth, biting her in the neck region. The female looks for a laying- site, and when she finds the right one, she affixes the hard-shelled eggs to a solid foundation where they are guarded by both parents until they hatch. In captivity,

Conservation: Though they are not in immediately danger, habitat destruction and the pet trade impact the wild populations.