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Dear Friend,

Although 2018 was a year that contained some significant challenges for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, we also have so very much to celebrate. As you know, we have an unwavering commitment to conservation and the preservation of wildlife and wild places. This year, we are celebrating some incredible successes in our conservation efforts. Because of your support, and the support of all our donors, members, and guests, we are able to make a difference both here in Colorado and around the world.

Everyone who visits the Zoo will hopefully see we care passionately about taking the best possible care of our animals. What they might not know is how our collection directly relates to their wild counterparts. For example…

Our mountain tapirs, Cofan and Carlotta, are not just two of only seven mountain tapirs in human care in the country; they are also one of the most endangered mammals in South and Central Americas. This year, the Zoo sent three members of our staff to Ecuador to help locate and radio-collar endangered wild tapirs; this research is considered critical since there are estimated to be less than 2,000 left in existence and there is limited data available about them.

Our reticulated giraffes, black rhinos and African elephants are not only iconic Zoo animals, but also amazing ambassadors for their wild counterparts, to whom the Zoo is committed to helping. Through Operation Twiga and the Tsavo Trust, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is helping with translocation of giraffe to a new, safer area, as well as building a home to house rangers whose sole goal is to stop rhino and elephant poaching. This year, we sent four staff members to Africa to do this critical conservation fieldwork on three separate trips.
Annual giving
You may remember we have been involved in helping to save critically-endangered frogs in Panama for a number of years as the deadly chytrid disease spreads throughout the country, killing amphibians at an alarming rate. This year, the Zoo sent one of our veterinarians to Panama to help capture and treat wild frogs for chytrid, as well as working to breed them to reintroduce the species to the area.

While you probably know we had a crazy-cute litter of Mexican wolf pups born this year, you may not know it’s possible their offspring will someday be re-introduced into the wild. This breeding program, along with our Wyoming toad and black-footed ferret programs, all exist to help bolster wild populations of these endangered North American animals.

The animals that reside at the Zoo have an important job to do: make people fall in love with them and want to help save their wild cousins. Every time you give a gift, visit the Zoo, or renew your membership, you are helping us to do so much, from education to conservation to animal care. This year, I hope you’ll consider a generous year-end gift to the Zoo. Your gift will help us take cutting-edge care of our animals, and help create the next generation of conservationists to support this important work into the future. That’s a lot to celebrate!

Thank you for your support. We are grateful!

Bob Chastain
President & CEO


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