Memorials & Honorariums

Photo of Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun as seen from above the Shrine, looking northeast toward The Broadmoor Hotel.

A Special Way to Remember.

The Zoo is delighted to receive gifts in honor of special friends, family members, businesses or organizations who regard the Zoo as a special place. Gifts are recognized in the form of honorariums and/or memorials.


Should you choose to honor an individual or a business with a donation to the Zoo, an acknowledgement from the Zoo’s President will be sent to both you and the individual or business/organization being honored. Depending on the size of the gift, the donor and the honoree would be listed in an edition of The Waterhole, the Zoo’s newsletter.


The Zoo is a meaningful place to pay tribute to a dear friend or loved one and offers a place to visit individually or as a group. These special gifts are displayed on Zoo grounds in a variety of ways depending on the size of the memorial. Donors are encouraged to speak directly with the Major Gifts and Planned Giving Manager to personally discuss meaningful ways to acknowledge the memorial gift.

Some Memorial options include:

  • Name listed in the Memorial Book in Primate World ($250 or more)
  • Preserve your legacy with the Tile Program in Encounter Africa
  • Leave your mark at the Zoo with the Bench Dedication

For more information, please contact Kristi Maucher, Philanthropy Officer, at Kristi Maucher at 719-424-7864.