Wish List

Pretty Please.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a non-profit organization and one of just a small number of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) facilities operating without government support. Donations are appreciated and can greatly extend a department’s budget. All donations to the zoo are tax deductible; simply fill out a card at the time of your donation declaring the value of your item(s).

Please call us at 719-633-9925 or email us at info@cmzoo.org if you have any questions. Thank you for your support!

Animal Enrichment

Food Enrichment Items
All food items should be unopened and not expired. Check out our Free Palm Oil App for orangutan-friendly brands!
Baby food, all-natural/organic
Kellogg’s corn flakes or “non-sugary” Kellogg’s cereals
Dried fruit
Dried spices
Fruit paste, all-natural/organic
JELL-O, sugar free
Pasta, uncooked
Peanut butter

Other Enrichment Items
Denim, bolt fabric or old jeans
Hand mirrors
Kong toys, heavy-duty/black preferred
Sheets, cotton
Tablecloths, cotton
Perfume/body splash


CD/tape players, portable
Laptop computers, less than three years old
Power washers


Old or non-functioning ATVs
Aquariums, 10- and 20-gallon (must hold water)
Dirt, clean
Mulch, clean
Rubber boots
Terrariums, 10- and 20-gallon with screen rack


Garden tools, high-quality

Veterinary Supplies

Autoclave pouch track
Gram scale
Head lamps
Hydraulic table
Olsen-Hegar needle drivers
PDS suture material
Inused syringes (assorted sizes)
Dishwashing soap
Latex gloves