Together, Protecting the Future.

Be A Conservation Hero. Your Vote Can Change the World.

Thank you for helping us decide where to spend $75,000 for important wildlife conservation efforts around the world. We continue to seek the support and input from members to help us continue our mission of animal care, captive breeding and conservation. Because of your votes, the following projects will be fully funded: African lions at $3,000, vultures at $13,200 and vaquita porpoises at $10,000. Learn more about these programs below.

With 14% of the votes deferring to Zoo’s choice, you showed trust in allocating the remaining funds. We’ve decided to also fully fund the mountain tapir fieldwork project ($25,000), Panama amphibians ($15,000) and African penguins ($5,000), while partially funding the siamang gibbon project ($3,978). These additional projects will help collect critical field data, protect, and rehabilitate threatened species all around the globe.

The Zoo would not be able to do it without YOU! Here are the results…



Show your pride for LIONS.
Received 14.99% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $3,000

A new partnership for CMZoo, $3,000 can fund the Ewaso Lion Watch, a program that trains local guides on responsible ecotourism, ecology and conservation monitoring.

With a total wild population of approximately 20,000 individuals, the African lion is now at risk of extinction due to poaching and human conflict over livestock. Guides will be taught to report unusual activity, suspect poaching and the locations of lions prides so local farmers can move livestock to prevent lion predation.

Protect PENGUIN populations.
Received 11.2 % of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $5,000

For $5,000, we can continue to support SANCCOB’s chick rearing to help bolster the wild penguin population.

African penguins are endangered due to oil spills, human disturbances, and overfishing in their habitat. CMZoo has been supporting SANCCOB’s rescue and rehabilitation efforts of injured and orphaned penguins in South Africa for years. Our support will help them continue to rescue, rehabilitate and release penguins back into the wild.

Help VULTURES safely soar.
Received 14.13 % of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $13,200

An ongoing project for CMZoo, $13,200 can fund surveys to determine which power line locations cause the bulk of collisions in South Africa.

Vultures are critical to a healthy environment, but many vulture species are now critically endangered. This decline is partially due to collisions with power lines in the wild. Vultures raised or rehabilitated will be trained to avoid them before release. We hope these vultures will survive and help restore the balance in this ecosystem.

Lend LEMURS a helping hand.
Received 9.38 % of the votes – due to Zoo choice with limited funds, this program did not receive funding.

For $15,000, this new project to CMZoo can fund the eco-credit program and help reduce poaching and the illegal lemur pet trade.

With only 2,500 remaining in the wild, lemurs and the people of Madagascar need to find ways to coexist. The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership will work to ensure that lemurs have a habitat, while giving the local community incentives to help reforest lemur habitats.

Let’s Climb Mountains to save MOUNTAIN TAPIR.
Received 8.15 % of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $25,000

For $25,000, we can continue to support critical research and learn more of the mountain tapir’s conservation needs in South America.

Only two zoos in the U.S., including CMZoo, are home to the most endangered tapir species. Last year Cheyenne Mountain Zoo helped radio collar 10 wild mountain tapirs in Ecuador. This funding will continue the important work needed to learn about habitat use and reproduction of this elusive animal.

Feed Panama’s AMPHIBIAN ark.
Received 6.52% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $15,000

For $15,000, we can help build new facilities to both house these frogs and build on-site feeder insect colonies.

Since 2009, CMZoo has supported breeding populations of 12 of Panama’s most endangered frogs. Our zoo has provided annual veterinary support in Panama as well as sending staff to bring the last of these species into human care before they vanish forever. Many of these species are now extinct in the wild, but will someday be ready for release back to their forest home.

Swing into action for SIAMANGS.
Received 6.84% of the votes – PARTIALLY FUNDED at $3,978

For $6,630, the Kalaweit organization will build 5 aviaries for the rehabilitation of rescued siamang families before release back into the wild.

Siamangs, the largest gibbons, are endangered partly because of the illegal pet trade in Indonesia and SE Asia. This program will help Kalaweit rescue, rehabilitate and release these gibbons back into their natural habitat.

SAFE harbor for the rarest PORPOISES.
Received 13.98% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $10,000

For $10,000, CMZoo will team up with other zoos and wildlife agencies to try to save the world’s smallest porpoise.

Studies suggest there could be fewer than 30 vaquita remaining in the wild. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is collaborating to save these critically endangered porpoises through the SAFE program (Saving Animals From Extinction). Immediate funding is needed to move vaquitas to a protected cove away from fishing nets.