Together, Protecting the Future.

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Together, Protecting the Future.

Be A Conservation Hero. Your Vote Can Change the World.

Thank you for helping us decide where to spend $75,000 for important wildlife conservation efforts around the world. We continue to seek the support and input from members to help us continue our mission of animal care, captive breeding and conservation.

Because of your votes the following projects will receive funding:


African lion portrait photo

Promote native pride for LIONS.

Received 23% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $16,000.

For $16,100, we can help fund educational materials and equipment for 3 kids camps in Kenya. African lions are in serious need of help and could be extinct in the wild within 20 years. The Ewaso ‘Lion Kids Camp’ connects Kenyan kids of pastoral families to nature, promote positive attitudes towards wildlife and ways to avoid lion predation of local livestock.


Black-footed ferret in the wild photo

Put BLACK-FOOTED FERRETS back into the wild.

Received 13% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $25,000.

For $25,000, CMZoo will purchase enclosures to expand our breeding population, thus increasing the number of ferrets we can release back to the wild. Black-footed ferrets once roamed the Great Plains of North America, including foothills of the Front Range in Colorado. As a long-term legacy project, our Zoo has been breeding and reintroducing these ferrets since 1991. With better disease management, we can release more ferrets at more reintroduction sites.

African vulture portrait photo

Help VULTURES safely soar.

Received 9% of the votes – PARTICALLY FUNDED at $6,900.

Last year, members voted to support the release of over 30 African vultures. Vulpro is now seeking $20,000 to follow and monitor these birds to learn more. The team at Vulpro hopes to learn more about threats faced after reintroduction and what methods work best for reintroduction. Both the endangered Cape vulture and the critically endangered white-backed vulture are crucial to the local South African ecosystem.


Mountain tapir photo

Climb-on to save MOUNTAIN TAPIR.

Received 12% of the votes – PARTIALLY FUNDED at $8,000.

For $15,000, help us support the newly-formed Mountain Tapir Survival Alliance. Tapirs are an incredibly unique animal. With only about 2,000 mountain tapirs remaining, it is the most endangered tapir species. In the past few years, we’ve supported some of the only radio collaring and research for mountain tapirs. Now, the newly-formed Mountain Tapir Survival Alliance will bring together regional conservation partners to protect these tapirs in Columbia.

Local butterfly pollinator on flower photo

POLLINATOR gardens for local schools.

Received 16% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $9,000.

Fund this grant to award $3,000 each to three local elementary schools for gardens. Pollinators, like butterflies, birds and bees, are not only important to a healthy habitat but help fertilize many of the plants, fruits and vegetables we enjoy! Because pollinators are so important, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has created a new grant funded with membership revenue aiming to support three local elementary school pollinator gardens. Both the education and conservation department will work with the schools once awarded.

Snow leopard portrait photo

Watchful eyes on SNOW LEOPARDS.

Received 27% of the votes – FULLY FUNDED at $10,000.

$10,000, will support the maintenance of camera traps and data gathering in important leopard and Pallas’ cat territories. Snow leopards and Pallas’ cats, commonly called “ghosts of the mountain,” are an incredibly elusive species in the wild. The Snow Leopard Trust will use these camera traps to monitor wild populations in order to better understand and address the conservation needs of these cats.

*Additionally, we decided to send $1,000 (matched by) to help the Turtle Survival Alliance provide care for over 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises confiscated from a private residence in Madagascar.

These funds are only possible because of your membership.


Not only do your Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) tokens help distribute $75,000 to conservation, but your vote today will decide which additional field conservation efforts receive funding this year. Thank you for your dedication to conservation in the wild.

You’re our conservation heroes!