Valentine Adopt Gift Package

It's TUFT not to see the LYNX between us!

Adopt a Canada lynx for your loved ones this Valentine's Day! Known as the "gray ghost" of the north, lynx are very elusive and easily recognized by their long black ear tufts and short, black-tipped tails. Their feet are round and furry, which allows them to walk on the snow's surface.

The Zoo's breeding pair of Canada lynx in the Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit, mother, Migina (mah-gee'-nah) and father Kajika (kah gee'kah), had their second litter of kittens on May 15, 2014.

Lynx have been successfully breeding in the Colorado wild for more than a decade now, but it took a concerted effort on the part of conservationists. It is estimated that 200-300 now exist in Colorado's mountain regions.

Your Valentine will enjoy knowing that your donation helps to feed and care for our lynx.

Gift Package Includes:

  • Cuddly plush lynx
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Fact sheet about lynx
  • Full-color photo
  • Adopt parent recognition on website

This Unique Gift is Only $55:

The lynx gift packages are limited. Get yours now while supplies last! There are many other stuffed animal gift packages available as well, or you can adopt any animal at the Zoo starting at just $30 (does not include a stuffed animal.) 

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