Have you considered bringing a bunny or chinchilla into your home? Or maybe you are looking to learn more about hedgehogs or guinea pigs. If so, we offer a hands-on and interactive class all about caring for small mammals. We will guide you in setting up habitats, learning about health care, and even assist you in deciding what kind of furry friend is best for your household. And of course there will be hands on opportunities with some of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s cutest small mammals.

Class topics will include:

  • Understanding basic needs
  • Finding the right pet for your home
  • Proper housing
  • Healthy diet preparation, and more!

Cost per class
Adult: $30.75
Child (for ages 7 and up): $20.75

If prescheduled class times don’t work for you, contact us to customize a date that works for you and your group of 4 or more.