Good News – You can plan your group’s own field trip!

– Schools and groups (parties of 15+) may schedule their visit anytime of the year, during regular Zoo hours.
– Please be aware that April and May are our busiest months for school groups.
– For children of Zoo members, you will need a photocopy of the membership card and/or member photo ID, along with a signed and dated note stating “My child (child’s name) has my permission to enter the Zoo on my membership” to present when paying for the group. (Zoo Memberships do not apply if your group is participating in a paid Education Program or Docent Tour.)

Steps for planning your visit:
  1. Register your group’s visit at least two weeks in advance by completing the form below to receive the discounted group rate. This important information helps us plan staffing for busy days and have contact information for your group, particularly in the event of an emergency.
  2. Learn more about your visit, FAQs and logistics, within these resources:
    • For groups licensed as a school in the state of Colorado use this Self-guided School Group Planning Guide
    • For all other groups bringing 15+ people to the Zoo (particularly children), use this Group Visit Planning Guide
    • Animal Demonstrations occur daily and many groups like to plan their visit around them.
    • Interested in a classroom visit & Zoo tour guided by our docents, or an EdVenture staff-led Zoo Exploration tour, instead of a self-guided Zoo visit? Please visit our Schools and Group Programs page for more options.
    • Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) is a conservation initiative at the Zoo that your group will be voting on with tokens once you enter the Zoo.
    • View Zoo Map PDF
    • Find adequate chaperones for your visit. Required ratio is 1 chaperone per every 10 children. Please have all of the adults in your group read the appropriate chaperone guide below before you arrive at the Zoo. Violations of these guidelines may result in eviction from the Zoo.
      School Group Chaperone Guide
      Group Chaperone Guide
    • Your bus driver may be directed to park off-site. Please ensure that your bus driver is not included in the required number of chaperones for your group in case they must leave to park off-site. On busy days, the Zoo cannot guarantee on-site parking for buses and other large vehicles.

Once you have registered for your group’s visit, no further confirmation is needed unless your plans change.

Please register TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of your visit date:

Field Trip Group Admission Rates***

***NOTE: We aren’t offering any group discounts during our phased reopening due to timed ticketing restrictions. Please visit our page for details.


For groups and out-of-state schools:

– $2 off standard Zoo admission rates day-of, per person (adults, children and seniors)
– A minimum of 15 people is required to obtain this group rate.
– Group rates are not valid with other discounts or coupons, and we are unable to accept passes in place of admission fees for these rates.

For Colorado Schools:

– Students Grade K-6 – 50% off standard child Zoo admission rates day-of
– Students Grade 7-12 – 50% off standard adult Zoo admission rates day-of
– Children 2 and under – 75¢*
– Parent chaperones being paid for by the school – $2 off current adult admission price
– Teacher chaperones 1 teacher:10 students ratio – 75¢*
– For additional chaperones, adults or children not being paid for by the school – regular daily admission applies.

CO Schools – do the math to calculate your discounted group price:
– View current Zoo admission prices for the date of your visit
– Take the day of your visit’s admission price per age of student(s), subtract 75¢, then reduce that by 50%. Add the 75¢ back in to the get the final reduced price per student for your visit day.
– You may then multiply this final reduced price per student by the number of students in your group.
– Parent and teacher chaperone costs will then need to be added in separately as noted above.
– *75¢ from each Zoo admission is applied directly to Quarters for Conservation.

Payment Methods:

Payments can be made prior to or upon arrival, with credit card, in-state check or cash. Please note, for customers’ protection, credit card numbers cannot be stored and charged on a later date. Any calls made for credit card payments will be processed at the time of the call.

Do Zoo Memberships Apply for Self Guided Field Trips?

  • Memberships DO NOT apply for paidEducation Programs or Docent Tours, these program fees may be an additional charge and require advanced registration.
  • Memberships DO APPLY for Self-Guided Field Trips
    • Adult field trip chaperones may use their Zoo membership for admission on Self-Guided Group Visits.
    • Student Zoo Members, you will need a photocopy of the membership card and/or member photo ID, along with a signed and dated note stating “My child (child’s name) has my permission to enter the Zoo on my membership” to present when paying for the group.