Deadline to order: Friday, Feb. 28, 2020.

Ordering for these Penny miniatures is now closed.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is pleased to offer these limited-edition solid bronze memorial miniatures to commemorate the impactful but all-too-brief life of Penny, the giraffe calf.

  • These custom-made miniatures were designed by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s in-house artist, Antonia Chastain, with input from the keepers who worked with Penny every day, to capture Penny’s unique characteristics. Those who knew Penny well will recognize her tilted right ossicone and her quirky “forked” tail.
  • These miniatures closely mimic the life-sized bronze statue of Penny that is planned for installation near the CMZoo giraffe barn in Summer 2020.
  • We chose to make the miniatures of bronze, as well, to preserve the uniqueness of the piece and provide a lasting memento that can be cherished.
  • These miniatures will only be available to order for a limited time and are being produced on-demand.
  • The bronze figurines will be shipped approximately 12 to 15 weeks after you place your order. (Figurines are being hand-forged based on actual orders. Turnaround times are contingent upon the final number of figurines ordered and the capacity of the foundry. Timing for shipping is subject to change.)

Penny Miniature Ordering Options:

*Pricing reflects the actual cost of producing the miniatures, plus estimated shipping and handling costs, with no profit being taken by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Our goal is to help commemorate Penny’s life and share her legacy with her fans in a meaningful and accessible way.
U.S. orders only. To order internationally, please email [email protected] or call (719) 633-9925 x0 to receive a custom shipping quote and to pay over the phone. Emails should include the quantity of each figurine (mini or small, or both) you’d like to order, your shipping address (so we can calculate shipping costs) and your phone number. We will email you a total cost and, once you approve the cost, we will connect by phone to finalize payment.

About Penny

“Giraffe Calf #200,” as she was known at birth, came into the world on June 4, 2018. Her birth was broadcast live to global viewers. Her mom, Muziki, won the “Race to 200,” giving birth to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s 200th giraffe calf since our prolific breeding program started in 1954. The calf appeared to be healthy at birth, but unfortunately started having health issues on June 13.

We deviated from Zoo tradition by giving her a name before our normal 30-day waiting period. Little Penny, as she was now known, had fans around the world falling in love with her, right along with all of us at CMZoo.

But, ultimately, we were losing our battle against the hidden infection that was spreading through her body. When she passed away on July 30, 2018, just shy of her two-month birthday, thousands of fans who had been rooting for her helped the Zoo staff through the difficult time with an unforgettable outpouring of support.

Her legacy, and the joy she brought to so many, continue with the production of these keepsakes.