A New Way to Connect with Nature

November 28, 2019

This summer Cheyenne Mountain Zoo launched a new program to help connect people of all ages with the outdoors. CMZoo’s Outdoor School offers hands-on and interactive experiences and programs for people interested in connecting with nature, the outdoors, and their families. Classes engage the whole person (physically, mentally and emotionally) and develop a stronger connection with our natural world. Outdoor School classes occur on Zoo grounds, or offsite in other nature-based environments. The focus is less on animals at the Zoo and more on the powerful impacts nature has on us.

Winter classes include:

– Animal Portrait Photography: An introductory photography class focusing on animals. Use your cell phone or your DSLR camera to capture up-close photos of some of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s residents. Two professional photographers will mentor you through the process. From composition to lighting, they will help fine-tune your new skill.

– The WILD Series: Look for classes for women, families, or kids with WILD in the title and you’ll be sure to have a great time outside! WILD Women hikes are in the works as well as WILD Families nature play groups. Activities include hiking, fort building, nature games, track making and more! WILD kids series is in the works, and we’ll share more about it soon.

– Utilitarian Basket Weaving: Get creative while you learn to weave a beautiful and functional basket that fits your lifestyle. Spend time learning the history, reviewing terminology, and walking through the process of weaving a basket to completion. You’ll have two full days to put your creativity to the test as you finish the course with a completed basket to take home and put to use!

These classes are just a small sampling of what to expect from the Outdoor School. Classes like wilderness photography, family hikes, primitive shelter building, primitive fire building, bird banding and more are soon to be listed as class options. Be sure to visit cmzoo.org/outdoorschool to see what is currently offered and sign up for a class that excites you!
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