Bailey’s Little Girl is a Week Old Today!

October 5, 2020

#CMZoo Vice President of Mission and Programs, Dr. Liza, is here with giraffe keepers, Rachael and Kayla, with an update on baby’s progress. She’s nursing well, sleeping well, getting up and down, and hitting the giraffe calf milestones her care team wants to see. The ligaments we suspect were contracted in her two front legs appear to have loosened substantially. Baby’s legs look strong and much straighter than when she was born. We’ll keep monitoring her, but for now, things seem to be right on track!

Guests can visit baby and Bailey in the giraffe barn, which is now open at a limited capacity, as long as things continue to go well. The calf has been exploring the side yard with mom at unscheduled times during the day, so guests have a chance to see them outside, too.

Her keepers will tell you about how they’re seeing baby’s “brave and goofy” personality develop, and you’ll get to see “Big Daddy” Khalid check in with Bailey and the baby from the stall next to theirs.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this little calf’s progress.

You can also learn more about our calf through the following resources:
– View mom and baby on our 24/7 temporary birth cam at or on our YouTube channel.
– Watch the three live-streamed videos of the calf’s birth on Monday, Sept. 28 on this playlist:
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– Read her birth announcement here.