CMZoo Great Apes Participate in Voluntary Heart Health Care

March 2, 2022

February is Heart Month, and just like our partners at Children’s Hospital Colorado encourage preventive and well-care visits, our great apes participate in ongoing maintenance and preventive care for their heart health. Go behind the scenes with Amy, senior keeper in Primate World, and her team as they ask Sumagu, Baka, and Goma to show us their husbandry training with an EKG, blood pressure reader, blood draws and cardiac ultrasound. Even young Kera shows her interest in the training!

Unfortunately, we have documented heart disease in some of CMZoo’s great apes. Because heart disease is prevalent in their species – just like it is with humans – CMZoo’s Primate World team works with the orangutans and Western lowland gorillas to get regular readings so they can adjust the great apes’ medications, exercise routines or diets to hopefully prevent disease progression.

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