Join Digger and Emmett for Campsite Bear Awareness Tips

April 23, 2021

Spring is here! As many Coloradoans start exploring our beautiful wild places, it’s important to help our curious native black bears stay safe, by helping them avoid human-wildlife conflicts.

Although grizzly bears aren’t found in the wild in Colorado, our CMZoo grizzlies are here to help you learn how to keep our native black bears safe. Rocky Mountain Wild keeper, Kelsey, provides campsite safety tips while Emmett and Digger explore a campsite full of examples of how NOT to camp – and prove why Kelsey’s advice is important to follow.

Help do your part to keep curious wild bears safe by practicing these campsite safety tips:

  1. Keep campsite food smells to a minimum.
  2. Use bear-safe food storage and toiletries containers.
  3. Don’t store food or toiletries in your tent with you.
  4. Keep a clean campsite. When you leave your campsite to explore, make sure you’re not tempting a curious bear with food, trash or other interesting smells.

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