Unique (and Educational) Gift Ideas!

November 29, 2018

The time of gift giving is upon us, which means spending time thinking of the perfect gift to share with your loved ones. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has some great ideas that can help you spend less time shopping and more time together. For the person who has everything or the animal lover who can’t get enough, these experiences will live on well past the average wrappable gift.

Loft Animal Encounters

Have you ever been to the Zoo and looked at our armadillo Frida, and wondered what it would be like to feed her? Animal encounters make memories that last a lifetime. Any time of year, visitors can arrange to meet our Loft animals up close, prepare diets, feed them and help train alongside keepers. With reptiles, birds and mammals to choose from, there are perfect experiences for everyone! Booking information is available at www.cmzoo.org/loftencounters.

In addition to offering close encounters with smaller species, CMZoo can help coordinate one-on-one experiences with our larger ambassador animals. Learn more about those special arrangements at www.cmzoo.org/encounter.

Loft Animal Art Experiences

There are several animal artists at the Zoo whose art can be purchased online or from their habitats. But, did you know that you can set up an experience to be a part of the painting process from start to finish? Animal art experiences allow you decide which colors to use and to help train an animal to paint . At the end of the experience, the painting you helped create is your modern art masterpiece to take home and proudly display. Talk about a conversation piece! Visit www.cmzoo.org/loftencounters to learn about the different animal artists and to book your special Loft program!

Guests who book animal encounters with elephants and orangutans at CMZoo have the option to paint, too. For more information about painting with CMZoo’s larger animals, visit www.cmzoo.org/encounter.


Can’t get enough of CMZoo? Spend the night! You can set up your own overnight program with family, friends, co-workers or whomever you want! Activities include special animal encounters, nature walks and more. At Kids Only WildNights, parents can leave their children safely with Zoo staff and enjoy a night to themselves (which is a great gift for parents!). To learn more about WildNights and all the fun experiences that happen at the Zoo after the admission gates close, visit www.cmzoo.org/wildnights.

These are just some of the great gifts that Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers – visit cmzoo.org/gifts for even more ideas!