We’re in love! Get to Know CMZoo’s Brand-New Baby Hippo

July 29, 2021

First-time Nile hippo mom, Zambezi, welcomed her calf to the world on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Since then, keepers have seen her embrace her new role with ease. Her baby is growing and spending lots of time napping in the shallows of Water’s Edge: Africa’s hippo pools with mom. Hear from lead Water’s Edge keeper, Philip, about the sweet moments keepers have seen between the pair, and see the baby splash into the water and have the most adorable yawn we’ve ever seen.

Zambezi and baby can be difficult to spot in their early days, as they bond in the exhibit, which is open to the public as a ‘quiet zone,’ for now. The baby’s sex has not been identified and there are no naming plans at this point, but we will share that information as soon as we know more!

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