Australia Walkabout



G’day mate!

Here’s a little tour of what you’ll encounter on your outback adventure.



Our budgies, or Australian parakeets, have two beautiful spaces. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the budgie building offer a light and bright experience and provide beautiful views of our brightly-colored birds against the backdrop of the Colorado Springs skyline. Guests can purchase feed sticks to hand-feed the birds inside the building. The attached outdoor aviary, which is open for birds and guests on warm summer days, has an artistic tree for birds to perch on and gives guests the opportunity to view the birds in a unique setting.

Budgie Feeding: Seed sticks are available year-round for $1 each.



This emu habitat features a pool with landscaping and a large barn for Damian and Dora, our male and female emus. In the past, Damian has enjoyed playing in water, so we hope this permanent pool in his exhibit gives guests the opportunity to watch him take the occasional swim.



Upon leaving the budgie building, bounce, bounce, bounce your way up the wallaby walkabout to the wallaby building. During the summer, when the sun is shining, guests can experience our free-ranging wallabies roaming in the walkabout. During the winter months, you can get an unobstructed view of the wallabies inside their building.



As you journey past the wallabies, stop and admire our alligator exhibit, which features a heated pool that allows our alligators to be viewable all year. Take time to learn about the differences and similarities between alligators (native to U.S.) and crocodiles (native to Australia).


At the next exhibit, you’ll meet and welcome our male Matschie’s tree kangaroo! Since tree kangaroos are solitary in the wild, we will house only one male at this time.



In addition to marsupials and alligators, you’ll enjoy seeing even more exciting species with Australian shelducks, thorny devil stick insects, White’s tree frogs and northern and southern ground hornbills!