Primate World

Great Apes Gone Wild.

In Primate World, you can see the great apes face-to-face at our indoor glass enclosures.

  • Observe western lowland gorillas outdoors in a natural mountainside habitat.
  • Watch an orangutan family climb in an amazing outdoor playground that offers the best view in town.
  • See a siamang gibbon family, along with a group of bachelor macaque monkeys all the way from Asia.

Located at the southern tip of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Primate World was originally built in the 1960s. In the 1990s, the building was transformed into a new, stimulating world for primates and great apes. The redesign of the indoor exhibit space, along with the addition of an expansive outdoor yard for the gorillas and outdoor play space for the other residents, set a new standard for housing primates.

Listen to a gorilla!

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Admire the Orangutan Art up for sale in Primate World to benefit orangutan conservation and the Palm Oil Crisis!