Primate World

Male Goma playing with burlap photo

Great Apes Gone Wild.

In Primate World, you can see the great apes face-to-face at our indoor and outdoor glass viewing.

  • Observe Western Lowland gorillas outdoors in a natural mountainside habitat.
  • Watch orangutans climb in their outdoor playground that offers the best view in town.
  • See a Siamang pair showing off their swinging abilities and some of the loudest vocalizations in the Zoo.

Located at the southern tip of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Primate World was originally built in the 1960s, then was renovated in the 1990s. In the spring of 2017 more exciting renovations were done, giving our primates additional choices and spaces. Watch for the new mesh training panel, where guests can now get an up-close look at how keepers work with our orangutans!

Primate World training area with keeper and orangutan working through mesh area


Listen to a gorilla!


Naked mole rat photo


Ugly is the New Adorable.

Location: Primate World

Having looks that only a mother could love with pinkish skin, a hairless body and buck teeth that orthodontists dream about, naked mole rats (NMRs) still seem to capture the imagination and sympathy of many zoo-goers. Whenever the NMRs leave the Zoo collection, guests continually inquire into whether they might return.

Discover the NMR exhibit in the Zoo’s Primate World building. With a subterranean look and feel created by Zoo designers, the exhibit gives guests a mole rats’ point of view of their intricate and strict hierarchical castes, from the everyday workers, to the soldiers and their Queen and her courtesans. Inside the exhibit are lots of naked mole rats, scurrying about and living the destinies they are born into in their mole rat lives.

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