School Break Camps

School Break Camp activity with kids

What do your kids want to do on their school breaks?

Join the Zoo’s day camp programs offered during many single holidays and vacation times. Register for any one day or all of them! Space is limited; therefore pre-registration is required.

** Spring Break Camp Registration is open! **

If you are interested in Summer Camps, CLICK HERE.

Spring Break Day Camps – March 27-28-29-30-31 (Ages 4-12)

Register for any single day or combination of days.
Campers should register for the grade they are currently enrolled in.


Take A Walk on the Wild Side! – (Pre-K & K) – Half Day – 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Swinging monkeys. pouncing cats. and slithering snakes–It’s a wild world of movement! Can you move like these animals? Come to camp and explore the different ways that animals move through zoo exploration and play.
Members: $30.75 per child per day
Non-members: $40.75 per child per day

Monday, March 27 – How Do Cats Move?REGISTER NOW for Monday, 3/27
Fantastic balance and skillful pouncing—cats have some unique moves! Can you move like a cat? Come and see all the cats at the Zoo and explore how and why cats move.

Tuesday, March 28 – How Do Birds and Invertebrates Move?REGISTER NOW for Tuesday, 3/28
Flying, hopping, crawling, and swimming! Birds and invertebrates exhibit a diverse collection of movement depending on the species. Come explore all of Zoo’s birds and invertebrates and see how many movements you can observe and try for yourself!

Wednesday, March 29 – How Do Reptiles Move?REGISTER NOW for Wednesday, 3/29
Slithering, climbing, and crawling—reptiles can really get around! Come explore the Zoo’s reptiles and see how and they move and discover why they move that way. Don’t forget to show us your reptile moves!

Thursday, March 30 – How Do Pachyderms Move?REGISTER NOW for Thursday, 3/30
Elephants and rhinos! Some of the Zoo’s largest animals have their own ways of moving. How do elephants use their trunks? How do rhinos use their horns? How fast can elephant s and rhinos run? You better come and find out!

Friday, March 31 – How Do Primate Move?REGISTER NOW for Friday, 3/31
Swinging and climbing—primates are experts at traversing forests! Come see how primates move at the Zoo for yourself and explore why at Camp!

Amazing Animals! – (1st-2nd Grade) – Full Day Camps – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

From their unique physical abilities to their strategic coloration, the traits that help animals survive and thrive really are amazing! Each day campers will explore the unique and interesting attribute of animals through zoo exploration, fun games, and engaging activities.
Members: $60.75 per child per day
Non-members: $80.75 per child per day

Monday, March 27 – The AthletesREGISTER NOW for Monday, 3/27
Animals all over the world have unique skills and abilities that help them survive. Come discover the exciting tricks and behaviors our animal athletes have up their sleeves! Get front row seats and hands on experiences while some animals demonstrate all the amazing things they can do!

Tuesday, March 28 – Masters of DefenseREGISTER NOW for Tuesday, 3/28
Predators hunt other animals as their prey, but some prey creatures have created some incredible ways to protect themselves from an attack. Explore the zoo and get close to some animals with crazy protection methods.

Wednesday, March 29 – Colorful CrittersREGISTER NOW for Wednesday, 3/29
How can animals use color to help them survive? Are beautiful colors always a good thing? Do all animals use camouflage? Come discover the answers to these colorful questions and get super close while exploring the zoo!

Thursday, March 30 – The Free FliersREGISTER NOW for Thursday, 3/30
Not just birds fly- what other flying animals can you think of? Discover the many flying species that live around the world, and learn that flying is truly an amazing animal feat!

Friday, March 31 – Tunneling UndergroundREGISTER NOW for Friday, 3/31
What would it be like to like in the dark? Or to dig yourself a bed room? Some animals are excellent diggers and spend their entire lives making underground homes! Explore the incredible diggers and discover what it would be like to live underground!

Mighty Missions – (3rd-4th Grade) – Full Day Camps – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

There is more to every animal than meets the eye! Did you know that elephants are expert seed dispersers? Or that tigers are key players in making sure a forest stays healthy? Dig deeper into the lives of wild animals to learn about what they do that makes them so important to us, their animal neighbors, and their environment. Each day campers will explore the important roles of animals through zoo exploration, fun games, and engaging activities.
Members: $60.75 per child per day
Non-members: $80.75 per child per day

Monday, March 27 – Seed DispersersREGISTER NOW for Monday, 3/27
Do you know what elephants, gorillas, and orangutans all have in common? They are expert seed dispersers! Come to camp to explore why we need seed disperses and you will come to understand why it’s no wonder we want to make sure these species are protected in the wild.

Tuesday, March 28 – Apex PredatorsREGISTER NOW for Tuesday, 3/28
Tiger and other big cats are beautiful and magnificent to watch, but did you know that they are also crucial to their wild habitats, because they are top predators? Why are apex predators important? Come to camp to discover why for yourself!

Wednesday, March 29 – Keystone SpeciesREGISTER NOW for Wednesday, 3/29
There are some animals that are so important to their ecosystem that if they were to leave it, there would be drastic changes in store for their plant and animal neighbors. Find out which animals at the Zoo are keystone species and explore the affects their wild counterparts have on their wild ecosystems.

Thursday, March 30 – Bio-indicatorsREGISTER NOW for Thursday, 3/30
Did you know that there are animals in the wild that we can observe to tell us how healthy that ecosystem is? Come discover which animals have this incredible job and explore how humans interact with them to make our world a better and healthier place for all living things!

Friday, March 31 – PollinatorsREGISTER NOW for Friday, 3/31
Do you enjoy smelling flowers or eating fruits and vegetables? You have a special category of animals to thank for that! Pollinators fill an extremely important role that our world can’t live without. Come explore the wonders of pollination and meet some local pollinator representatives at the Zoo.


Junior Veterinarians – (5th-6th Grade) – Full Day Camps – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All Creatures big and small—furry, scaly, and feathery—receive special and individualized care by our Zoo veterinarians. . Come discover what our vets do to keep all our animals happy and healthy!
Members: $60.75 per child per day
Non-members: $80.75 per child per day

Monday, March 27 – Small Mammals REGISTER NOW for Monday, 3/27
Small mammals need special care. Come discover the unique treatments some of our smaller creatures receive from our vet staff!

Tuesday, March 28 – Large Mammals REGISTER NOW for Tuesday, 3/28
Do VERY large animals require more treatment and monitoring than small animals? Our largest animals at the zoo get some very unique treatment. Come discover what our vets do to keep our biggest creatures happy and healthy!

Wednesday, March 29 – Reptiles and AmphibiansREGISTER NOW for Wednesday, 3/29
Reptiles and amphibians have special rules just to handle them, do you know what those rules are? Explore the very important requirements for treating and handling these incredible creatures!

Thursday, March 30 – Birds and InvertebratesREGISTER NOW for Thursday, 3/30
Birds and insects are very different species, both require special attention that no other animals receive. Come investigate how having wings or an exoskeleton make veterinary care special for these animals!

Friday, March 31 – PrimatesREGISTER NOW for Friday, 3/31
Primates are similar to us in many ways! Can they catch the flu? Do they take medicine when they do not feel well? Sign up and learn what the differences and similarities are between human and primate care!



Email or call 719-424-7827.


Can’t make it to camp? Just send us a written refund request at least two weeks before the camp’s start date. We will refund your camp fee, less a $25 non-refundable administration fee. Sorry, no refunds will be given within two weeks of the camp’s start date. Please visit our Education Registration Policy for more information.