Zoo Explorations

Customize or Pre-schedule Your Premium Zoo Experience.

The Zoo Exploration programs are ideal for school, troop, work and family or friend groups! Explore the Zoo alongside the EdVenture team and learn more about the topic of your choice! During your exploration, your group will have the opportunity to meet animals up close, feed our world famous giraffe herd, and chat with zoo professionals while attending an animal demo!


 Options for Your Zoo Exploration

Habitats – The animals that live at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo come from all over the world and many are not necessarily built for Colorado’s changing climate! Alongside the EdVenture Mentors you will explore how the Zoo decides which animals can live here and what they need to be happy and healthy in their new home!

Classifications – Marsupials to invertebrates; Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to a variety of animals! Now just like us, not all animals are the same! Join the Edventure Mentors to discover what makes animals different from one another!

Adaptations – From flying south for the winter to hunting in packs; animals have unique physical and behavioral adaptations to help them survive! Join the EdVenture Mentors in exploring the various traits that allow animals to survive in their environments!

Careers – Want to work at a zoo? Don’t necessarily love the idea of shoveling poop? Join the EdVenture Mentors to learn more about the various positions here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and discover how your passions could lead you to a future here too!

Animals around the World – Always wanted to travel the world? Join the EdVenture Mentors and explore a new region with every visit!


Don’t see the experience you’re looking for? Contact the CMZ EdVenture Department to customize your tour and book your reservation at [email protected] or call 719-424-7827.


2 hour exploration $300.75 – for up to 20 people

** Groups exceeding 20 people will automatically be split into two groups and charged for a second exploration.
**A non-refundable $75 deposit will be collected at the time of booking. This deposit will be applied to your final payment.
***We do no to accept passes or memberships in place of admission fees for Zoo Explorations.
(includes a $0.75 donation to Quarters for Conservation).

All explorations include:

  • One 2-hour exploration, for one group of up to 20 participants.
  • Admission to the Zoo for the day (Hours of operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • One EdVenture mentor as your group’s personal tour guide!
  • One Animal Ambassador presentation (turtle/tortoise, snake or lizard)
  • One public animal demo
  • Giraffe feeding


To Schedule:

To schedule a Zoo Exploration, complete and submit the Exploration Request Form below.


Title One Scholarship Information:

For Title One Schools seeking information about scholarship funding, please view the Opportunity Fund Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions. To access the Opportunity Fund Scholarship Application.
Opportunity Fund scholarships have limited availability.